Your website needs a name! The domain name is your own personal web address for your website. In most cases this will simply be your company name, but can be almost anything, providing that the domain hasn't already been registered by someone else.

I offer domain registration (and website hosting) as part of a complete package. All domain names are registered in your name for a period of time and are billed annually. There are no hidden costs, just one annual fee for registrations and renewals. Everything is set up and configured for you - no technical knowledge is required.

Advantages of registering through W3 Development

Benefits with all domain registrations that you don't necessarily get elsewhere include:

  • No technical knowledge is required. Everything is set up for you. It just works.

  • Registered in your name. All domains are registered in your name. You are the legal registrant. Some companies, when registering a domain on your behalf, will actually register the domain in their own name and later charge you (a lot) to transfer it!

  • No hidden costs. All domains have a fixed annual registration/renewal fee (one price). That's it. Some companies advertise low initial registration fees and catch you out with higher renewal fees (which sometimes aren't even advertised). Some companies charge additional "administrative" fees to change DNS records or to transfer your domain away to a different registrar. I can manage the domain for you and allow transfers away at no additional cost.

Domain Prices

The cost of domain registration varies according to the type of the domain eg. .com or This is because the different types of domains are managed by different organisations (registries) around the world. For instance, domains are a UK "top level domain" (TLD) and are managed by the UK registry Nominet. Whereas .com domains are considered "global" and are not specific to any one country. .com domains are managed by ICANN.

Most companies in the UK are likely to be interested in registering or .com domains. However, there are many more TLDs available should you have different requirements, or if the name you are after has already been registered under one of the former domain types.
£15 per year
£20 per year

All domains are billed annually.

If you wish, you can register more than one domain (for marketing purposes or to simply safeguard the name) and have them all directed to a single hosting account.

You can of course register the domains yourself with a different registrar and I will provide you with the necessary configuration settings in order to get your site up and running with your chosen hosting account.

Note that I do not normally offer stand-alone domain registrations. All domains are provided as part of an initial development project.